Thursday, 28 July 2011

Joke o' the day

yo' mamma so fat ...

If she moved past a black hole at high velocity, It would create a closed timelike curve.

Peach o' the day.- mila

Pic o' the day. sky mansion

Goin' coastal.- smoke on the water

Video o' the day.- come together

Right Now

Aug 1 2011

If you can count your money, your'e not rich.

Joke o' the day

A termite comes into a bar.

He says 'Is this bar tender?'

Lipstand o' the day.- o hai

Pic o' the day. hai

Peach o' the day.- jane

July 29 2011

If you treat everyone like fools pretty soon you'll be surrounded by them.

Joke o' the day

A horse cop pulls over a little girl.

'Did Santa bring you that bike?'

'Yes sir.'

'Next year tell him it needs a reflector.'

'Did Santa bring you that horse?'

'Yes little lady.'

'Next year tell him the dick goes on the bottom.'

Lipstand o' the day. fishin'

Pic o' the day.- hello

Goin' coastal.- back to the beach

Dick Dale
Stevie Ray Vaughan

Video o' the day - in the zone

Brit + Rhi
Thanx Daily Mail Co.UK

Peach o' the day. erica

july 28 2011

If you've ever used an old TV for a TV stand ... You might be a redneck.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Joke o' the day

A lady says to a computer programmer 'Will you go to the store and grab a Quart of milk?

He goes 'Sure'

She says 'And if there's eggs get six.'

He comes home with six Quarts o' milk.

She says 'How come you got six Quarts o' milk?'

'Because they had eggs.'

Pic o' the day. here i come

Ray o' hope.- wolverine vs bear

uh huh



Lipstand o' the day.- po' baby

Video o' the day - alex harvey

Isobel Goudie

Peach o' the day.- shakira

june 25 2011

Too much love is the classiest problem.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Joke o' the day

A guy walks into a bar in Glasgow. The first guy he sees cracks him over the head with a pipe.
He says 'Is that some kind of a joke or are you serious?'
The guy says " I'm serious "
He goes " Good, I HATE jokes like that! "

Pic o' the day

"You know her?"

Video o' the day.- black horse, cherry tree

KT Tunstall

Peach o' the day

july 15, 2011

If it doesn't come naturally, leave it.