Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Joke o' the day

A judge says to the old Jewish couple: You're 86 years old; you've been married 70 years;

are you sure you want a divorce?

The little old boy stands up: Since the first day your honour; but we were waiting for the

kids to die.


Roller De Coaster

Lipstand o' the day

Goin' coastal - ellen foley


Pic o' the day. female soldiers


Video.o the day- silly love


Peach o' the day. maria

Aug 31 2011

Whenever I pronounce I edited it, it sounds like Morse Code.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Joke o' the day

Did you hear about the astronomer who walked around looking up at the stars?

He fell in a hole.


Ray o' hope

Goin' coastal.- leanne rimes. nothin' bout love

nothin bout love makes sense

Lipstand o' the day

Pic o' the day. cow on a stick

Video o' the day. kawliga

poor old wood

Peach o' the day. sandra

Aug 29 2011

It's amazing rabbits and chickens taste so similar.

Joke o' the day

Chuck Norris doesn't get strikes, he hits one pin and the others faint.


Video o' the day.- american woman


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Joke o' the day

Why do gorrillas have big nostrils?

Big fingers.

Ray o' hope


Lipstand o' the day. smokin'

Goin' coastal - the lion sleeps tonight

the tokens

Pic o' the day. Miss Khasackstan

Video o' the day- Jeepster


Click This!

Peach o' the day- Marisa

Aug 25 2011. silos

Man: I have more grain than I have silos for, what should I do?

Jesus: Worry about today.

The next day the man was dead.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Joke o' the day

How do you get milk from a cat?

Take it's saucer.


Ray o' hope.- barkin' cat

he he he he

Lipstand o' the day. drat, cat

Goin' coastal- Dreadlock holiday live

Would you like something

Pic o' the day.- yodelin'

Video o' the day- Do ya wanna touch


Peach o' the day.- marley

Aug 24 2011

In a vision or in none

Is it therefore the less gone

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Joke o' the day

1st boy: Where'd ya get the bike?

2nd boy: I prayed and prayed until I realized God doesn't work that way.

So I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.

Ray o' hope- Otters vs little girl


Goin' coastal.- B52's

Rock lobster


Lipstand o' the day. NY cabs

Pic o' the day. toto africa machinima

damn siren

Video o' the day.- romeo void

who bad

Peach o' the day.- amy

Aug 23 2011

Act loco, think global.